CDMP® Data Management Fundamentals Exam Prep Course

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the discipline of enterprise data management for an individual who is entering the field, or who desires a detailed refreshment of knowledge concerning the scope of enterprise data management.  The course serves as preparation for writing the CDMP® Data Management Fundamentals examination from DAMA International.

Additional Details

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn the material necessary to take with confidence the Data Management Fundamentals examination
  • Evaluate and understand the components of an enterprise data / information management framework
  • Understand the alignment of the components of enterprise data management and the necessity of each component’s role to the organization’s success with data and information
  • Evaluate the capabilities of various approaches to solving common data management challenges

Data Management Exam Prep Course: 20 Modules To Success

Chapter 1

Enterprise Data Management Overview

Chapter 2

Enterprise Data Management Framework

Chapter 3

Data Management Function

Chapter 4

Data Governance

Chapter 5

Data Architecture

Chapter 6

Data Modeling & Design

Chapter 7

Data Storage & Operations

Chapter 8

Data Security Management

Chapter 9

Data Integration

Chapter 10

Document & Content Management

Chapter 11

Reference & Master Data Management

Chapter 12

Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence

Chapter 13

Metadata Management

Chapter 14

Data Quality Management

Chapter 15

Big Data & Data Science

Chapter 16

Data Management Maturity Modeling

Chapter 17

Data Management Organization

Chapter 18

Data Ethics

Chapter 19

Professional Development & Conclusion

Chapter 20

Final Exam Directions

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