CDMP® Data Management Fundamentals Exam Prep Course

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the discipline of enterprise data management for an individual who is entering the field, or who desires a detailed refreshment of knowledge concerning the scope of enterprise data management.  The course serves as preparation for writing the CDMP® Data Management Fundamentals examination from DAMA International (  This preparation course is not a substitute for taking the DAMA CDMP® Data Management Fundamentals examination.

Additional Details

This course is based on material drawn from the DAMA-Data Management Body of Knowledge and related sources.  Chapter reading material is drawn from 2nd Edition of the DAMA-DMBOK©

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn the material necessary to take with confidence the CDMP® Data Management Fundamentals examination
  • Evaluate and understand the components of an enterprise data / information management framework
  • Understand the alignment of the components of enterprise data management and the necessity of each component’s role to the organization’s success with data and information
  • Evaluate the capabilities of various approaches to solving common data management challenges


The products delivered through this Service are training materials designed to prepare a person (you) to take the examination for the Certified Data Management Professional® (CDMP®) designation, offered through DAMA International.  The training materials and the final exam offered through this service are not intended to replace, nor do they replace in fact, the need for you to register and complete the CDMP® examinations delivered through DAMA International.

CDMP® Prep Course: 20 Modules To Success

Chapter 1

Enterprise Data Management Overview

Chapter 2

Enterprise Data Management Framework

Chapter 3

Data Management Function

Chapter 4

Data Governance

Chapter 5

Data Architecture

Chapter 6

Data Modeling & Design

Chapter 7

Data Storage & Operations

Chapter 8

Data Security Management

Chapter 9

Data Integration

Chapter 10

Document & Content Management

Chapter 11

Reference & Master Data Management

Chapter 12

Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence

Chapter 13

Metadata Management

Chapter 14

Data Quality Management

Chapter 15

Big Data & Data Science

Chapter 16

Data Management Maturity Modeling

Chapter 17

Data Management Organization

Chapter 18

Data Ethics

Chapter 19

Professional Development & Conclusion

Chapter 20

Final Exam Directions

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