Storytelling with Data

Data storytelling enables a professional in any field to communicate information that has been tailored to a specific audience, based on a pertinent narrative. As part of data analysis, data storytelling can contribute to the audience’s understanding of the situation and how the data contributes to the presentation toward a solution.  In this short course (30 minutes) you will learn the fundamental concepts of storytelling with data, the key elements necessary for an effective data story, the types of data stories, and how to apply optimal visual design to the data presentation.

Course Content By Module

1. Storytelling with Data Basics and Fundamentals

2. Key Elements for Data Storytelling

3. Value of Audience Analysis

4. Narrative in Data Storytelling Explained

5. 7 Basic Storytelling Plots

6. 10 Types of Data Stories

7. Data as a Part of Data Storytelling

8. Importance of Visual Design in Data Storytelling