Data Literacy – Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

Data literacy is the ability to read, write and communicate data in context, often to support effective data analysis that provide business value and enables effective decision-making.  Professionals in every field that uses data should understand the basic concepts of qualitative and quantitative analysis to support their analytical efforts.  Professionals should know how to apply these concepts and techniques to their role to deliver analytical data properly.  In this short course (20 minutes), you will learn the differences between quantitative and qualitative analysis, what types of data are appropriate for each analysis form, and how to use the optimal methods for each type of analysis to achieve the desired effect from the analysis presentation. Developing these skills contributes to improved data literacy for any professional.

Course Content By Module

1. Qualitative Data Types and Variables

2. Qualitative Analysis Methods

3. Quantitative Data Types and Variables

4. Quantitative Analysis Methods