Data Quality Management Overview

Data Quality Management (DQM) is the set of practices, processes, and techniques that enable an organization to deliver accurate, valid, timely, and consistent data for operations and decision-making.  Without high-quality data, the organization’s ability to achieve business goals or provide services effectively is severely challenged.  All professionals should understand the basic concepts of data quality and be able to implement the most important data quality processes.  This short course (20 minutes) will introduce the learner to the foundations of data quality, explain the dimensions / characteristics for evaluating data quality, and describe the seven data quality process that drive continuing management of data quality in any organization.

Course Content By Module

1. Data Quality Management (DQM) Fundamentals

2. 1:10:100 Data Quality Rule Explained

3. Overview of 8 Data Quality Dimensions

4. Overview of 7 Data Quality Processes