Data Governance Overview

Data governance is the practice of organizing and implementing policies, procedures, and standards to enable the effective use of data and information across an organization.  It is an essential component of all successful organizations, and all professionals should understand the basic concepts of data governance to support data-focused activities in a 21st century organization.  In this short course (20 minutes) you will learn the fundamentals of data governance that apply to every organization, how most organizations identify the scope of their data governance program, how different roles interact in a data governance program.  In addition, you will learn about the most common policies, standards, and rules that support effective data governance.

Course Content By Module

1. Data Governance Overview and Definitions

2. Data Governance Scope and Alignment with Enterprise Data Management

3. Data Stewards and Role in Data Governance

4. Data Owners and Differences with Data Stewards

5. Overview of Data Policies, Standards & Rules

6. Sample Data Policy Workflow