Selling B2B Enterprise Software

This course guides sales professionals in the study of the most effective sales techniques for B2B enterprise software. Taught by Dr. David P. Marco, who has over 20 years of experience successfully selling in the B2B enterprise software space. This course aims to help the learner increase their closure rate and per sale revenues. Learners that can successfully pass each chapter's short quiz and the course's final exam will earn certification as a “B2B Software Sales Master” through Data Management University.


Chapter 1

Selling B2B Enterprise Software Course Overview

Chapter 2

Selling Software Basics & Fundamentals

Chapter 3

Software Sales Situational Analysis

Chapter 4

Self-Assessment Questions – Part 1

Chapter 5

Self-Assessment Question – Part 2 Insight

Chapter 6

Sales Tracking

Chapter 7

Selling Software Dos and Don’ts

Chapter 8

Consultative Software Selling

Chapter 9

Buyer Psychology

Chapter 10

Software Sales Methodology

Chapter 11

Assessing the Buyer

Chapter 12

How to Meet Your Buyer’s Requirements

Chapter 13

Negotiating the Deal – Part 1

Chapter 14

Negotiating the Deal – Part 2

Chapter 15

Conclusion, Summary, and Final Exam

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